About Us

Who we are

We are a people set on a journey. When embarking on a journey, you need to travel light. You need to drop some baggage that might slow you down. Thus, we have to let go of some sins that easily besets us from journeying. If you are embarking on a journey, you must know your destination; otherwise, you are taking a stroll. So for us in this community, we know where we are going and we know it is a journey to Christ. Our destination therefore is Christ! We also know that for a journey, we need values. For you to get to Christ, you need values. We are an apostolic community; we have characteristics that make us apostolic!

Welcome to Life!

Impact House Services

Church Services


* We are a mission minded and discipleship kingdom community, commited to ensure every member learn and share the word of God.
* We partner with mission minded churches and agencies to reach the least and unreached people groups of the nations.

Church Community

* We make disciples who make disciples.
* All disciples are involved in village church-plant.


Our vision:
To make disciples & missions. MTT. 28:18-20

Partner with us

* Be part of our prayer partners.
* Be part of our medical mission & relief project.
* Support (give) towards our "Empower Project".
* Be part of our outreach.


* Church Planting.
* Children Ministry.
* Discipleship.
* Outreach
* Youth Ministry